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Go & Smell the Roses - 5 New Wacky Travelocity Ads

Ole, in the first of five fun new ads from the Travelocity "Go & Smell The Roses" campaign "Bulls", the Roaming Gnome is dropped into a scene from the world famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain saying, "Here's a thought: You'll never survive the running of the bulls unless you attend the running of the bulls."

"Contrary to popular belief, watching paint dry can actually be fun – but you've got to be there to enjoy it." This one take's the Travelocity Roaming Gnome to India where he finds himself being handed off from one person to the next at the Holi Festival.

Our friend the Gnome becomes one with a sand sculpture. "Sparkly water and pure white sand may not get you off your couch but there's not a creature on earth that can resist this." I could go for the girl and do less with the sand up my...never mind.

In this one he is not checking emails, cleaning the grass or mowing the lawn, not making calls or spreadsheets, it's less couch, more beachy.

"Go & Smell the Roses is more than a tagline in an advertising campaign, it's a rally cry," said Bradley Wilson , chief marketing officer at Travelocity North America. "With this new campaign we are using our most powerful asset, the iconic Roaming Gnome, to inspire and instigate people to get off the couch, to go and smell the roses."

"'Go' is the operative word," Wilson said. "And we mean 'go' anywhere whether that is a weekend road trip, a family event, or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure similar to those the Roaming Gnome is fortunate enough to take."

Last one I promise. The Roaming Gnome takes in a majestic alpine view on a ski lift: He says, "You might be interested to know that other countries have couches exactly like ours."

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