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Cover Girl Gets All Easy Breezy With The DJ Duo Nervo

The newest Cover Girl recruits are the very beautiful and very talented Australian songwriting/DJ duo Nervo who star in pair of fun spirited new commercials.

The ads deliver a heavy doses of flash and panache with a strong focus on vibrant colors, production was not quite as easy-breezy as the shimmering final results, (via TrustCollective) “We had to move quickly since we were sharing the talent with a stills shoot that was taking place on the same day and working to get enough footage for some behind-the-scenes materials,” noted Jones. However, the experienced fashion and beauty director and production team easily rose to the challenge, boldly stating, “that’s the sort of situation where you prove your mettle and just get the job done.” The end product puts all the classic CoverGirl brand hallmarks on full display – from the effervescent talent to the sharp, snappy editing – creating a pair of instantly classic entries in the long history of iconic CoverGirl advertising.

Client: Procter & Gamble
Spot Titles: “Easy Breezy Better/Nails” :15, “New COVERGIRLS NERVO: Why They Rock” :45
Agency: Grey Advertising
Creative(s): Alice Ericsson, Mark Fina, Beth Avellini, Michael Bengtsson
Account: Seema Patel, Ernesto James, Lisa Montana, Lindsey Kantarian
Executive Producer: Stacy Towle
Assistant Producer: Alex DeSantis
Business Manager: Debbie Haas
Production Co.: Nola Pictures
Director: Marcus K. Jones
Executive Producer: Charlie Curran
Head of Production: Cheryl Ward
Producer: Cindy Blount
Producer: Sara Mills
Post Production: Box Studios
Producer: Nadia Sadigianis
Editorial: Boxmotion Editorial
Editor(s): Taryn Waldman (“Easy Breezy Better/Nails”), Laura Milstein (“New COVERGIRLS NERVO: Why They Rock”)

Cover Girl Gets All Easy Breezy With The DJ Duo Nervo Cover Girl Gets All Easy Breezy With The DJ Duo Nervo Reviewed by Sylvia G on March 11, 2013 Rating: 5

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