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Hilarious New DirecTV Genie Commercial

DirecTV's latest ad campaign features two protagonists, discussing how annoying cable is. The commercial created by ad agency Grey and directed by Tom Kuntz is an awesome spot with hilarious scenarios including a turtle bite, the sneezing dentist, an explosive motorcycle ride, and of course the sexy new DirecTV genie.

Agency: Grey, New York
Client: DirecTV
Director: Tom Kuntz
Hilarious New DirecTV Genie Commercial Hilarious New DirecTV Genie Commercial Reviewed by Sylvia G on January 07, 2013 Rating: 5


epicfailforu said...

I agree, the "genie" is quite sexy.

Anonymous said...

who is s he? is she available ?

Anonymous said...

i would like to find out who made the dress. please

Anonymous said...

what is genies real name

Eddy Rice Jr. said...

Have not seen this in awhile? It was a hilarious series of spots!
Has anyone seen it,in a few months?