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Canadian Club Offers Up Some Whisky Wisdom In New Ad Campaign

Canadian Club Whiskey offers up some good old whisky wisdom in a great new ad campaign created by Brooklyn Brothers. The new “Join the Club” TV and digital campaign, which launches nationally in Canada today, features video segments available on specialty TV, on Facebook and in digital media that star the “Canadian Club Chairman” and offer humourous Whisky Wisdoms to help guys to ease their way into the whisky world. CC fans can submit their own wisdom on the Facebook fan page HERE.

The campaign includes four commercials, "The Chairman" (above) who gives us a brief history of Canadian Club and finishes it with this fantastic line that all whiskey lovers can appreciate, "...if there's one that tastes better than whiskey, it's smuggled whiskey." The "Canadian Club Chairman," has a stable of Whisky Whisdoms that are blunt, unapologetic and undeniable truths such as: "Never send beer to do a whisky’s job" and "Everything in moderation. Except bacon". and of course "Drafts are best suited for fantasy football. Order a Canadian Club Whisky."

Below, are the "Shirt",  "Food Groups" and "First Step" TV spots, and don't forget to always enjoy your Whiskey responsibly my Canadian friends.




Creative and Production by the Brooklyn Brothers
Canadian Club Offers Up Some Whisky Wisdom In New Ad Campaign Canadian Club Offers Up Some Whisky Wisdom In New Ad Campaign Reviewed by Sylvia G on November 20, 2012 Rating: 5


sewa mobil jakarta said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Mark said...

He says Breakfast Beef in the Bacon Ad, Bacon is pork.

Anonymous said...

Man, these ads aren't great. They're awful. They're not clever, mostly rip offs of Sleeman's, Wiser and Dos Equis. So overdone!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Totally! These ads are terrible. They've been running online on the Comedy Network incessantly and I cringe every time. Love that every whisky and scotch maker is going with a "me too" campaign!

Anonymous said...

+1. These CC ads are not witty or enjoyable and as a guy, I'm offended that we are being marketed to this way! As posted above, all the whisky/scotch makers are copycatting each other...how is this campaign any different from Wisers "Brotherhood"?? Even the prohibition reference is identical to the Sleeman's ad!! Brutal.

Toby Crane said...

The bell - first gulf is something that people underestimate sometimes. Keep up the great blog posts. I appreciate it!