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ESPN Monday Night Football New TV AD "Animal Control"

ESPN and Monday Night Football are gearing up for the NFL season with their first commercial from the new "Is It Monday Yet?" campaign, this one entitled Animal Control.
Other spots in the campaign include: “Plumber,” “Construction Worker,” “Food Inspector,” and “Police Officer”, they will play off a similar theme and are set to debut closer to ESPN’s regular-season doubleheader on Sept. 12.
The MNF campaign will also feature topical spots promoting weekly MNF matchups throughout the season.
Who knows we just might see and hear Hank Williams Jr. asking fans the easiest question in the world … “Are You Ready for Some Football?”
Created by: ESPN Consumer Marketing
Ad Agency: Weiden+Kennedy, New York

ESPN Monday Night Football New TV AD "Animal Control" ESPN Monday Night Football New TV AD "Animal Control" Reviewed by Sylvia G on August 23, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

This is not a great commercial. It is a disgusting portrayal of the humane industry. These people risk their lives to protect animals and our community. The fact that ESPN would air this at the same time as devoting 100 pages in their magazine to Michael Vick is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Get a life dude, its an F-ing commercial.

You take things so bloody seriously you're going to have a stroke or something.

Anonymous said...

What - you think all football fans find cruelty to animals entertaining. Why don't they just start airing dog fights? Maybe they should show a football team beating a child - you would like that too!

Anonymous said...

Are we going to have to endure the boot lip bongo drums all season long? I am so tired of ESPN, the NFL and MNF pandering to the homies. I am not a homie and I don't like to watch homie crap. I couldn't watch the games because every break included some form of mesegination related to politically correct race relations.