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Old Spice's Ad Man of the Year Comes to Print with Fresh New Ad Campaign

The enormously popular Old Spice TV commercials starring former NFL player Isiah Mustafa have now come to print, and it has not lost it's effectiveness in this new format. The print ads titled 'Komodo', 'Fiji' and 'Matterhorn' were created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the original creators of the touted Ad Man of 2010. Old Spice are definitely getting their moneys worth out of their successful collaboration with the Portland based ad agency - and as long as they continue to produce innovative adverts like these then their is no reason this campaign can't continue for years to come.

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Wieden
Ex Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff/Susan Hoffman
Creative Director: Jason Bagley/Eric Baldwin
Art Director: Craig Allen/Eric Kallman
Copywriter: Eric Kallman/Craig Allen
Planner: Britton Taylor
Account Manager: Jordan Muse
Account Supervisor: Michael Dalton
Art Buyer: Heather Smith-Harvey
Photographer: Hugh Kretschmer
Typographer: Cathy Ormerod
Old Spice's Ad Man of the Year Comes to Print with Fresh New Ad Campaign Old Spice's Ad Man of the Year Comes to Print with Fresh New Ad Campaign Reviewed by P. Savo on June 23, 2011 Rating: 5


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Avery said...

Shows how the millenial generation really likes "quirky" even bizzarre advertisements. Hey, whatever works!

Vance said...

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Tatum said...

The Old Spice campaign is a great success and I love that it combines both new and traditional media. The TV spots and the prints ads have been un-doubtfully successful. It just supports the argument that you can't completely cut out traditional media. Especially in politics. Obama's 2008 campaign is a great of example of using social media along with print ads and election signs. I believe that his Progress print, designed by Shepard Fairey, is an amazing iconic print that won't be forgotten.

Kate said...

Funny prints, I haven't seen them yet. Thanks for sharing!

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