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Volvo's TV Advert "Blindfolded Test Drive"

This Volvo commercial created for the New Zealand auto market is an exhilarating feat in human co-operation, as we watch professional stunt drivers take the Volvo for a blindfolded test drive. This TV spot works well because it has the stylized glossy feel that most auto maker ads feature but it mixes it with the reality and drama of the actual stunt.

Brand: Volvo New Zealand
Agency: Special, Auckland
Director: Paul Jones
Account Director: Michael Redwood
Creative Director: Rob Jack
Creative Director: Tony Bradbourne
Copywriter: Antony Wilson
Art Director: Iain MacMillan
Agency Producer: Fiona Champtaloup
Account Manager: Jules Pakenham
Volvo's TV Advert "Blindfolded Test Drive" Volvo's TV Advert "Blindfolded Test Drive" Reviewed by P. Savo on December 14, 2010 Rating: 5

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