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Infiniti Commercial Naughty Snowball Takes Out A BMW

You just have to love this new ad Infiniti, where an Infiniti owner takes offense by his BMW owning neighbor throwing snowballs at him. He plots his revenge by taking out his car with a giant snowball.
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schwartz
Group Creative Director: Kerry Feuerman
Creative Director: Bob Rayburn / Patrick Condo
Art Director: Chase Madrid
Copy Writer: Chris DeNinno
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Richard O’Neill
Senior Producer: David Hoogenakker
Managing Director: Walt Smith
Account Director: Dan Pardo
Account Person: Bryan Reugebrink
Business Manager: Robin Rossi
Production Company: Mothership, USA
President: Ed Ulbrich
Executive Producer: Tanya Cohen

Director: David Rosenbaum
Producer: Julien Lemaitre
Director of Photography: Mattias Montero
Visual Effects by: Digital Domain
President of Commercial Division: Ed Ulbrich
Executive Producer: Jim Riche
VFX Supervisor: James Atkinson
CG Supervisor: Lee Carlton
VFX Producer: Nicola Wiseman

VFX Coordinator: Stephanie Escobar

Matte painter: Dark Hoffman

Houdini fX Artist: Youngsam Suh
Maya fX Artist: Wayne Hollingsworth

Maya fX Artist Ken Jones

Lighting: Kenny Jackson
Roto Artist: Hilery Copeland

Flame Compositor: Jeff Heusser, Lisa Tomei
Nuke Compositor: Robin Graham, Beejin Tan

Tracking: Michael Lori
On-set Integration: Jesse James Chisolm
Music Company: Elias
Sound Designer: 740 Sound Design / Andrew Tracy
Mix House: Play

Infiniti Commercial Naughty Snowball Takes Out A BMW Infiniti Commercial Naughty Snowball Takes Out A BMW Reviewed by Sylvia G on November 20, 2010 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

the more i think about it, this commercial shows the mind of a psychopath at work. He gets snowballs thrown at him in good fun and in response he destroys the neighbours car?! And on top of that, what if the neighbour had gotten in his car seconds earlier? Then the protagonist would be guilty of murder. Maybe thats what he wanted all along, after all, the guy is clearly deranged.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this commercial is really strange, and I agree that it reads as some kind of a sociopathic revenge fantasy. But it's obvious that the advertisers realized this, and that's why they made the snowball appear so fake and comical looking. It is obviously a joke.

Greg said...

Yes, there are sicko's out there. I may be one of them... I posted it to my Facebook page. Great commercial for the politically incorrect. It was only a BMW.

Anonymous said...

This series of ads is ridiculous! What does it have to do with the cars? What is the meaning of the petty rivalry depicted in the ads have?

tigakub said...

I have no love for either make. But this ad is really terrible. Every time I see it I want to switch the channel. The two drivers are depicted as competitive, smug, petty, uncivil, and infantile ... losers who have nothing better to do in life than one-up their neighbors. Why would I want to buy either of these cars if this is the image they inspire? Infiniti needs to fire their marketers and pull this ad campaign. I am so sick of seeing it year after year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I don't approve of violence, and will never buy this brand because of some sophmoric ad-guy's idea of a joke.

Spark said...

I dislike these commercials enough to have just located this thread after viewing one of them. I agree with all but Greg's comment. In the ad where the protagonist tells his son to "get your friends" (followed by a fantastical launching of five hundred snowballs) I've just noticed his name is Dave (the antagonist is Jim). Perhaps Infinitis are Davids while BMWs are Goliaths? Regardless, this silly pissing match infuriates me.