Jamieson's Raspberry Ale Snow White Print Ad

"Anything but sweet" reads the tag line in a new print ad campaign for Australian Jamieson Raspberry Ale. Snow White like you've never seen before, lying in bed with the seven dwarfs as our darling Snow White blows smoke rings.

The ad's creators said it was created to convince Australian drinkers the fruit-flavoured beer was "anything but sweet". But the saucy strategy, rolled out online, in liquor stores and on bar coasters, has come to the attention of the entertainment giant Disney, who licenses the animated heroine. The campaign confirmed it had "a little bit of contact" with Disney over the likeness and you guessed it, the ads have been pulled and filed in the banned, illegal, unauthorized, or whatever you want to call it ad collection. Too bad I like this and it works.
Ad Agency: The Foundry
Jamieson's Raspberry Ale Snow White Print Ad Jamieson's Raspberry Ale Snow White Print Ad Reviewed by Sylvia G on Friday, October 16, 2009 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

the same idea has been done before:

Rick said...

First Disney gets into the world of bridal jewelry, and now this! Unfortunately, this parody does poke too much fun at the charming and innocent brand that is Disney. And that Snow White must have lots of energy – at least seven times that of a normal woman.