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New McDonald’s Universal Language Commercial

McDonald's uses sign language to express the universal language that is universally spoken throughout the world.

Advertising Agency: Alma DDB, Miami, FL, USA
Exec. Creative Director: Enrique Faillace
Creative Director: Eduardo Bono
Associate Creative Director: Manuel Huici
Art Director: Monserrat Valera
Agency Sr. Producer: Diego Colombo
Editorial Company: Boxer, Los Angeles, CA
Editor: Rob Groenwold
Production Company: Boxer, Los Angeles, CA
Director: Jim Zoolalian
DP: Stephen Kenneston
Producers: John Barreiro
Executive Producer: John Clark
Aired: September 2009
via: Ads Of The World
New McDonald’s Universal Language Commercial New McDonald’s  Universal Language Commercial Reviewed by Sylvia G on September 28, 2009 Rating: 5


Elizabeth said...

may someone translate this? All I got was "now" I'm a new student to ASL but I find it difficult to read! It's such a unique language and becomes difficult because you can't look away or blink or you'll miss a sign! I love ASL!

Jami said...

Not ASL; but this definitely lends to the notion that knowing signed languages leads to a universal/international visual-gestural access!

Anonymous said...

sign language is not international

Michael Tuccelli said...

Anonymous .. if sign language is not international, then speech is not international. What are you trying to say? Since 1864 until the late 1960s, Gallaudet College attracted THOUSANDS of students from all over the world. When the students went back to their home countries, they brought with them American Sign Language. When I travel to different countries, I meet Deaf people who know American Sign Language.

Anonymous said...

Um - mybe a day late and a dollar short here, but it seems most people have lost critical thinking skills. In all of the comments on all sites I've seen this, no one has hit on the point. The ad is NOT saying, in any way, that Sign Language is universal, it IS saying that McDONALD'S is "univerally spoken" (note script at end of ad.) That is, that people of all cultures have a connection that can be enjoyed with McDonald's and, the implication is, that McDonald's is one of the shared parts of that connection. I believe that overstates the importance of McDonald's in any culture, but then, again, maybe I'm just not up on things. But the point is NOT ASL or any other LANGUAGE is universal. It's the "language of McDonald's" that they are saying is universal. Please, try to think a little deeper.....

Anonymous said...

Where was this filmed? It just so happens that the Deaf Community in Costa Rica has met in front of one of the first McDonalds in San Jose on one side of the Plaza de la Cultura!
My son is deaf and we lived in Costa Rica and WE LOVE the commercial!!!!!

And I agree.....Sign Language is international....Costa Rica sign (LESCO-Lenguaje de sordos Costaricenses) was modeled after American Sign Language(ASL)....
The alphabet is international presenting very few variations