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Kiss All Natural Tobacco - Controversial Print Ads

Kiss - All Natural Tobacco. This clever yet controversial print advertisement campaign, launched by Kiss cigarette Israel did not go without it's share of legal problems. Gee I wonder why? I'm sure my loyal readers don't need me to go into the details of why this ad campaign was stopped and a fine was issued by Israel's Health Ministry. The ad agency was guilty of using human figures to advertise tobacco. The agency claimed that the ads were works of art and that the audience they were intended for wouldn't be offended by the ads, they still got fined.

I kinda like em.

Title: Kiss — All natural tobacco
Advertisers: Winston-Salem
Brands: KISS
Geography: ISREAL
Kiss All Natural Tobacco - Controversial Print Ads Kiss All Natural Tobacco - Controversial Print Ads Reviewed by Sylvia G on April 16, 2008 Rating: 5


Barry said...

Looks like a bit more than a kiss :))

Sylvia G said...

I was a bit torn too about this ad Barry

Mochamad Ismail said...

The execution is too vulgar for my culture, indonesia. But if the message that KISS is for women, that's ok.

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discount cigarettes said...

I think that this thing exactly look like the kiss.The pic along with the description provides the best picture.
Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

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